Working with Us

Working with Us

Early Stage Partners is an early stage venture capital firm. We typically invest in equity securities (usually convertible preferred) in "C" corporations. We do not offer other financial products.

If you want to get our attention, please send us a short, focused cover e-mail with an Executive Summary or PowerPoint attached. If you know somebody who knows us, sending it through them will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

We regret that we cannot sign non-disclosure agreements until we begin due diligence on a company. We receive hundreds of business plans and see many opportunities in similar and related markets. Materials submitted to us will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Thank you for understanding.


Business plans are becoming passe, it seems. PowerPoints are more common, though inevitably sketchier. You are welcome to submit either to us, or just an Executive Summary. Please address the following points in your materials.

  • Value Proposition: Why are customers buying from you (or will in the future)?
  • Products, Technology, Services: Specifics are useful
  • Revenue Model: Who is paying you how much and why?
  • Market Analysis: Your assessment, not a third party study
  • Competitive Analysis: Yes, you do have competitors
  • Customer Analysis: The section most often missing
  • Company History, Structure, Capitalization: Brief, but entertaining
  • Management Biographies: Why past is prologue
  • Financial History/Forecast: Realistic, please

We try to respond to everything we receive within a reasonable period of time. Thank you in advance for providing us with the opportunity to consider an investment in your company.

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Please attach your materials to an e-mail sent to this address: