HistoSonics Wins Top Honors in The Observer’s List of Top Healthcare Start-ups

PLYMOUTH, Minn.Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — HistoSonics, developer of a novel non-invasive sonic beam therapy platform, was named by The Observer as the one of the nation’s most influential healthcare companies during the 38th J.P. Morgan Healthcare Investment Conference in San Francisco, CA. The company’s platform, Edison, integrates robotics, imaging, and proprietary sensing technology, and uses the science of histotripsy and the mechanical properties of focused ultrasound to destroy and liquify targeted tissues at sub-cellular levels, while preserving non-target tissue, which The Observer likened to advanced technology from science fiction movies set years in the future.  The Observer’s complete list of top “Flyover Tech” firms released recognizes leading digital health and medical technology start-ups residing in the US heartland and that are transforming their respective fields.

“We are honored to lead The Observer’s list of innovative healthcare companies,” said HistoSonics CEO and President Mike Blue. “We are equally proud to call Ann Arbor and Minneapolis home as we continue to expand our capabilities at each location.” The company recently completed its first clinical study in liver tumors, opened a new corporate headquarters, manufacturing and training center in Minnesota, and raised $54M in a Series C financing closed in 2019 which included heavyweight healthcare leaders Varian Medical Systems and Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JJDC, Inc., among others.

HistoSonics proprietary technology is designed to provide potentially significant advantages to patients, including the non-invasive destruction of tumors without the need for surgery or other invasive procedures, while also providing physicians the unique ability to monitor and control the destruction of target tissue under continuous real-time visualization, unlike any modality that exists today.

Edison is not yet commercially available.  Final performance specifications are subject to change pending the completion of regulatory market-access activities.

HistoSonics is a venture-backed medical device company whose mission is to redefine tumor treatment with a non-invasive, highly precise, cost-effective method of destroying tumors and disease tissue called Robotically Assisted Sonic Therapy (RAST℠). The team at HistoSonics is currently developing a completely non-invasive platform that has the potential to deliver personalized treatments over a broad range of diseases in an outpatient setting, without the incisions, punctures, pain, scarring, and long recovery times associated with existing methods of treatment. RAST is based on the science of histotripsy, a non-invasive ablation modality that uses the pressure created by focused sound energy to destroy tissue at a sub-cellular level. HistoSonics’ is represented by a team of experienced specialists and industry leaders with offices in Ann Arbor, MI. and Minneapolis, MN.

HistoSonics, Inc. has raised $87M to date and expects to enter select markets late in 2020.

For more information please visit: www.histosonics.com/