OnShift Announces Groundbreaking Initiative to Address Workforce Shortage in Senior Care

The company will connect AI-driven technology with caregiver marketplaces for fast, intelligent and cost-effective shift assignments

Cleveland, OH, November 10, 2021 — OnShift®, a leader in human capital management software for post-acute care and senior living, today announced the launch of a new initiative that will provide integrated access to third-party caregiver marketplaces from within OnShift’s award-winning workforce management suite. Powered by a next-generation human capital management platform, providers will be able to efficiently meet critical staffing needs with on-demand caregivers when internal resources are unavailable to fill open shifts.

“The lack of available caregivers is crippling the senior care industry. Growing workforce shortages, high turnover rates and massive employee burnout have created nothing short of a crisis,” stated Mark Woodka, CEO of OnShift. “We are making a major investment to address this challenge by combining a large network of caregiver marketplaces with cutting-edge technology to fill critical shifts efficiently and cost effectively.”

For effective contingent staff management, OnShift will extend its rules-based open shift automation engine to first prioritize the utilization of community staff members and internal staffing pools. By embedding automated best practice workflows into the solution, providers will be able to streamline processes, minimize excess labor costs, and mitigate the risk of being short-staffed.

“OnShift is committed to best serve the staffing needs of the industry,” stated Steve Haynes, EVP of Corporate Development at OnShift. “We are aggressively building a robust network of caregiver marketplaces by partnering with organizations that share OnShift’s values and our desire to help providers compete in the new healthcare economy.”

OnShift is currently in pilot with select customers and caregiver marketplaces.

Learn More

  • Caregiver marketplaces interested in partnering with OnShift on this initiative, click here.
  • Healthcare providers looking to be updated on the progress of this initiative, click here.

Supporting Research

  • 67% of senior care providers cite finding and hiring qualified job candidates as a top workforce challenge. [i]
  • 94% of nursing homes and 81% of assisted living communities have recently faced a shortage of staff members. [ii]
  • 58% of nursing homes are limiting new admissions due to staffing shortages. [ii]
  • Nearly three-fourths of nursing homes, and more than half of assisted living communities, say their facility’s overall workforce situation has gotten worse compared to 2020. [ii]
  • 49% of senior care employees cite feeling stressed and burned out as their top personal challenge.[iii]

About OnShift, Inc.

OnShift’s next-generation human capital management platform fundamentally transforms the relationship between healthcare organizations and their employees. Our innovative approach to recruitment, hiring, workforce management, pay and engagement fosters a culture where people want to work. That’s why thousands of healthcare organizations rely on OnShift’s integrated suite of software and services to dramatically reduce turnover rates, decrease costs and improve the quality and continuity of care. For more information, visit www.onshift.com.

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Marti Bowman
Chief Marketing Officer
OnShift, Inc.

Katie Johnston
PAN Communications